How it Works

Carshare Parking Space Signage

The NYC DOT Carshare Pilot will designate zones where on-street carshare vehicles would most enhance mobility and reduce personal car ownership, and with community input, identify on-street carshare parking spaces in each zone on residential, unmetered blocks. In addition, NYC DOT will reserve up to 10% or 10 spaces for carshare (whichever is less), in any municipal parking facility where there is demand from carshare companies. NYC DOT will not be running a carshare service, but designating carshare parking spaces in municipal parking facilities and on-street in select neighborhoods to carshare companies who participate in the pilot.

Carshare is an element of shared-use mobility where members are given access to an automobile for short-term use, usually by the hour or minute. There are two main types of carshare companies operating in NYC: roundtrip and one-way. Round-trip carshare, such as Zipcar and Enterprise CarShare, requires members to pick up and drop off vehicles to the same location, typically a private parking garage. One-way carshare, such as Car2Go and ReachNow, allows members to pick up a car at any non-metered on-street location within a service area and drop it off at another. The reach of round-trip carshare is currently limited to areas with off-street parking spaces, while one-way carshare is only in western Brooklyn and Queens. Through this pilot program, NYC DOT seeks to expand carshare access throughout New York City.