NYC DOT Carshare Pilot

In line with recent City Council legislation, the NYC Department of Transportation is running a two-year citywide pilot that designates 283 parking spaces in municipal parking facilities and on street in select neighborhoods for the use of carshare companies.

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Carsharing is a service that gives members access to an automobile for short-term use ― usually by the minute, hour, or day ― at a cost that includes gas and insurance. Carshare has the potential to:

  • Lower household transportation costs by providing reliable access to a car without annual car insurance and maintenance bills, tickets, and unexpected costs. You only pay for as much or as little as you drive.
  • Shorten your search for parking by ensuring that carshare members always have a reserved space. Adding carshare spaces can also reduce personal car ownership, which benefits all drivers in the neighborhood by lowering the number of cars competing for the curb.
  • Improve access to services, friends/family, and recreation by making a car available when you need one.
  • Reduce congestion and improve local air quality - New Yorkers who use carshare drive less than those who own their own car. Less driving means cleaner air and fewer cars on city streets.

This pilot aims to put carshare within convenient reach of more New Yorkers to increase the mobility and financial benefits of the service for residents and the city as a whole. 

Click here for an audio described version of the carshare video