Presentation to Queens Community Board 3

NYC DOT regularly addresses the public regarding the development and launch of the carshare pilot through presentations to community boards, elected officials, and civic associations. Scroll down to the Presentations section for those updates, which have been saved and posted online for public reference. 

DOT will also be annually evaluating the performance of this pilot and surveying carshare members to assess the impacts of the pilot on car ownership, mode choice, vehicle miles traveled, and general mobility. We will be posting periodic carshare usage data that carshare companies share with us and annual pilot performance reports in the Reports section. 

Lastly, the Laws & Rules section contains the framework and mandate for NYC DOT's carshare pilot. These include the two carshare-related bills that Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into legislation on March 21, 2017, as well as rules that DOT is amending within Chapter 4 of the Title 34 of the Rules of the City of New York relating to the Traffic Rules and Regulations.